Food Facts and FAQ's

Did You Know...


  • Meals prepared at our Madrona Drive site are delivered to the elementary schools by our Central Kitchen couriers.
  • Meals are prepared on site at the secondary schools.
  • We serve an average of 5,000+ meals per day with fifty-plus employees serving in job capacities as cooks, drivers, servers, clerical, and administrative support. 
  • Limited a-la-carte items from the regular menu are available at the elementary schools. A larger selection of a-la-carte items is available at the secondary schools.
  • Price lists are available at the kitchens. 
  • Please, no large currency bills in the lunch line, as our cashiers do not have large amounts of change.  Sorry, we are unable to extend credit.
  • Salad bars are offered as a part of all elementary lunches. Salads, fruits, and vegetables are available at the secondary schools, to be purchased as part of a combo or a-la-carte meal.

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